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1. Take the time to introduce yourself and FlyWheel to our readers?

I’m Dan White, Head of Support here at Flywheel. I have been with Flywheel for 3 years and am honoured to lead our support teams in providing an industry-leading support experience to every Flywheel customer.

2. Can you please let our readers know how FlyWheel started and how it grew to what it is today.

Flywheel was born from the frustrations of three entrepreneurs and web designers who were really tired of dealing with hosting issues. They thought there had to be a better way to build and design WordPress sites than fighting with clunky code and experiencing frustration after frustration, when all they wanted to do was make beautiful sites. It was a classic startup scenario, where the company was born around a kitchen table and quickly gained a following.

We just passed our 5 year anniversary and have over 100 employees around the world and over 100,000 users. I think that growth is attributed to really approaching the industry differently and asking how Flywheel can help make our customers’ lives easier.

Whether that means creating free tools they can use to manage their business;

  • Billing transfer
  • Blueprints,
  • Helping restore a site to its former glory by eliminating malware

We really do care that our customers are able to do their best work.

3. There are 100’s of Web Hosting Companies in the Market. How is FlyWheel as a company different?

Well, I think part of it is that we’ve never considered ourselves a hosting company. We’re really, at our core, a software company that happens to host websites. We do that really well, don’t get me wrong, but we have also built tons of free tools that separate us from the pack. Our interface is beautiful and useful, allowing designers to manage their workflow, transfer billing to clients, collaborate among team members, and save a site Blueprint that contains the same themes and plugins for easy site creation.

We take security very seriously here at Flywheel, exceeding a lot of industry standards to make sure our customers are protected. And if by chance their site somehow still gets hacked via a vulnerable plugin or something along those lines, we’ll remove malware for free. We really go above and beyond hosting. We want to help creatives do their best work, and will always continue to innovate so that we’re serving that mission.

4. Could you give us an overview of FlyWheel products & services?

Flywheel offers our hosting services starting at $15 a month for one of our Tiny plans and spans up to our Enterprise level plans with large amounts of traffic. We never charge overages, but our friendly sales reps may contact customers to let them know they could increase performance by upgrading their plan.

Included in all plans:

  • SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt
  • Nightly backups
  • Free security scans
  • Malware mitigation
  • Global data centers
  • Free migration performed

We also include billing transfer and our Organizations feature, which helps various team members collaborate easily.

In 2016, we also acquired Local by Flywheel, our 100% free local development app, which has become an invaluable tool for tens of thousands of designers and developers. Users can build or edit sites, get client feedback, and deploy to Flywheel seamlessly, saving tons of time and streamlining the process significantly.

Soon, Flywheel will also offer a White Label solution as an add-on to any of our bulk plans. This will allow Flywheel customers to resell hosting under their own brand, but also easily bill for additional services, such as photography, brand management, content creation, social media management, and more. We know that a lot of Flywheel clients wear many hats and we are really excited to empower them to invoice their clients in a really easy way.

5. Why Should potential new web hosting customers try out FlyWheel

We’re very confident that customers will be able to see the Flywheel difference instantly, with our beautifully designed interface and whimsical communication. We offer a 30-day risk free trial that includes access to nearly all of Flywheel’s features, so it’s really a no brainer. We’re committed to making sure our customers have an outstanding experience using Flywheel, and as the Head of Support, I am always really proud of the work our team does to make sure sites are migrated efficiently and with the care they deserve.

6. Current web hosting customer don’t want to deal with moving from one host to another host. Does FlyWheel offer any services to make this moving easier?

Absolutely. We have a team here at Flywheel that is dedicated to making sure migrations are done with exceptional quality. We know you put a lot of work into creating these sites and treat them as such. We quality check each migration to make sure everything transferred over properly, will provide clear step-by-step instructions for re-pointing DNS, and are here to help with any questions you have about the Flywheel interface. Oh, and probably the most important part, this entire process is 100% free. We don’t charge for migrations, and we promise we never will.

7. Please share more about FlyWheel data centres and reliability?

Flywheel has 10 available data centers with 4 in the United States, 2 in Asia, 1 in Canada, and 3 in Europe. We are constantly evaluating our data locations to make sure speeds meet our incredibly high standards. Our uptimes consistently beat out all of our competitors, which we’re very proud of.

8. We feel great customer support is very important for potential users. What does FlyWheel offer in terms of customer support?

You asked the right person! Again, as Head of our Support team, I’m particularly passionate about the work my team does. We have staffed our team with some of the smartest and most skilled WordPress experts the world has to offer, and they really do love helping our customers succeed. They have been in our customers’ shoes and know how frustrating it can be when things aren’t working properly. They get issues resolved as quickly as possible and with a cheerful attitude that our customers really appreciate. Nearly 50% of our support team members work remotely from around the globe, which allows us to respond quickly when issues arise. We offer chat, phone and email support and are working hard to roll out 24/7 support soon.

9. What are the future plans of FlyWheel?

Flywheel is committed to providing more solutions that help creatives do their best work. Our product roadmap is heavily influenced by our customer feedback. That is, you tell us! We are releasing our White Label solution before the end of 2017 and have lots of great things in store for 2018, including 24/7 support, adding even more experts to our team, and continuing to disrupt the market by being more than just a web host for our clients. I wish I could share more specifics, but I promise you’ll want to stay tuned.

10. Before we go, do you have any current offers, coupons or special deals that our readers can use?

I asked my marketing team and they said since you asked so nicely, you can promote the coupon code “comparethehosts” for your readers to get 10% off any of Flywheel’s plans for the entire life of the plan. (We hardly ever do that!) That is in addition to the 1 month free that we offer Flywheel customers when they purchase an annual plan with us.

11. That’s all for my questions. Thanks again for your time, is there anything you would like to add in this interview?

Thanks so much for letting me talk about Flywheel with you today! I’m obviously really passionate about what we have built and what we’re continuing to build. I hope your readers are excited to be a part of the Flywheel family, we’d love to have them on board.

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