What are the Frequent Web Hosting Mistakes?

1. Jumping for the cheap price tactic? – Solution: Check the renewal price before signing up to a web hosting package

2. Signing up to a Web Host that can’t handle your future Hosting demands ? Solution: Ensure your web hosting provider can scale with your potential future growth. Make sure your web host provider offers VPS, Cloud and Dedicated options.

3. Putting all your website assets in one host ? – Solution: Spread your different websites at different quality web hosting providers.

4. Depending on the web host backups ? Solution: Even though your web host keeps backups of your website. Always keep your own backups.

5. Trusting your web host to upgrade to the latest software ? – Solution: Check with your web hosting provider what versions they are running.

6.  Not Reading Hosting Reviews before – Solution: Before signing up, make you read expert and customer reviews on the web host. Comparethehosts.com is a good place to start ?

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