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:: What is VPS Hosting❔


VPS stands for virtual private server. VPS is a web hosting service that is split into sections that act as virtual dedicated servers, with each being assigned to only one account at a time. Similar to shared hosting, VPS hosting puts your website on a server that also has other sites running on it, except that there are fewer sites per server. The sites share the cost of running on the server, which results in a monthly or yearly charge that’s less than the relatively high price tag of dedicated hosting.

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting offers more performance than shared hosting but cost less money than dedicated hosting. VPS hosting contains the most elements of shared hosting and dedicated hosting services.

:: VPS Web Hosting PROS & CONS:

👍 VPS Pros (+) :
+ Dedicated resources
+ Increased customization
+ Easily expandable to meet workload/traffic demands

👎 VPS Cons (-):
– More expensive vs Shared Hosting

VPS Pros and Cons

VPS Pros and Cons

:: VPS Web Hosting Prices 💲:

VPS hosting package is typically more expensive than shared hosting and less than dedicated hosting. VPS hosting range from $20-$100 per month.

:: VPS Performance ⚡?

Because there are fewer users per server, any increase in traffic is allocated with adequate bandwidth and resources. But should you require additional server resources, the web host is able to discuss customizable configuration options. Though they are still sharing the same server, VPS users control their own virtually independent OS. And each has their own distinct IP address.

Generally, VPS hosting package will enable:

  • Faster load speeds. VPS hosting packages will provide faster hosting servers
  • Fewer load per server. VPS hosting account will have few users per server, therefore, more resources (CPU, Memory) per VPS website
  • Ability to upgrade. VPS web host will enable you to quickly upgrade your account to handle more traffic.
vps hosting performance

VPS hosting will improve your website performance

:: Do You Need VPS Web Hosting?

For most new/basic website, cheap shared hosting will be enough. However, as your website grows, recommend upgrading to VPS hosting package.

We recommend VPS hosting for:

Popular Websites, Medium Business, E-Commerce & Large companies
Beginners, Small Business


What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) used for?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) allows users to host websites (blog, e-commerce, content, media) with additional power and resources.

VPS is a step up from a shared server in terms of speed and reliability but a step below a dedicated server. Each VPS is a virtual machine created in a server that is allocated a percentage of the resources of that server

A VPS server is a good choice when you are looking for more control/flexibility around your website. Virtual Private Server (VPS) allows users to have all the resources of a dedicated server at a reduced cost.

what is vps hosting?

What is VPS hosting?


Which users can use VPS Hosting?

Any users with some basic PC experience 🙂 If you can manage files, transfer and change settings, then you should be able to use a VPS account.

Most Top Tier VPS hosting companies now offer simple control panel to manage your VPS website

:: 🔎Compare VPS Hosting Companies :

InMotion VPS

1and1 VPS

GoDaddy VPS

Dreamhost VPS

Bluehost VPS

Editors Choice Award
➕Pros+ Launch Assist
+ SSD drives
+ 90 Day Guarantee
+ 1st year Domain FREE
+ 1st year 56% OFF
- FREE Cpanel
+ Cheapest VPS Plan from $4.99
+ Unlimited VPS Traffic
+ Linux or Windows-based servers
+ PHP7
+ Global VPS Data Centers
+ Linux or Windows-based servers
+ Global data centers
+ Self and managed plans
+ 97 day Moneyback Period
+ Windows-based servers
+ SSD drives
+ PHP7
+ Free domain for life
+ Recommended by
+ Large Web Hosting Company
+ Affordable Web Hosting Package
❌Cons- USA servers only

- No Web chat Support
- No FREE cPanel
- Paid Backup ($4/m)
- No SSD drives
- No PHP7
- Limited Discounts
- More Expensive
- No cPanel
- No Phone Support
- Single shared hosting plan
- $99 Domain Transfer fee
- No SSD Drives
- No PHP7
- Paid SSL options
✅For Small Business
Web Developers
Small Business
Web Developers
Small Business
Web Developers
Small Business
Web Developers
Small Business
Web Developers
⛔Avoid Global Users - USA Servers only
Limited Budget
Simple Websites Simple Websites Global Users - USA Servers only
Simple Websites
Simple Websites


Offer Price$24.99 - $59.99$4.99 - $29.99$11.99 - $24.99$15 - $120$19.99 - $59.99
Free Domain
Free Transfer
Free SSL
Free Backup
Ad Credit$250$100$150$200$150
Moneyback90 Days30 Days30 Days97 Days30 Days


CPUUnlocked CPU Cores1-421-41-4
RAM4 - 8 GB512mb - 8GB1 - 8 GB1 - 8 GB2 - 8 GB
Webspace75 - 250 GB30 - 160 GB40 - 240 GB30 - 240 GB30 - 120 GB
Bandwidth4 - 6 TBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
99% Uptime
Dedicated IPs3-52311
Full Root Access
Control PanelcPanelCustomcPanel / PleskcPanelcPanel




SecuritySSL ($99 + $25 setup)
WordPress Security
DDoS protection
Geo-redundant Servers
SSL certificate
DDoS protection
Free SSL
Free domain privacy
SSL certificate
Backups1day (Free up to 10GB)1day7days Site backup & restore ($1.59/mo)1day7days


Servers USA only USA


24/7 Phone
24/7 Chat
24/7 Online
Offers- 1st year Domain FREE
- 56% OFF
More details on the InMotion
- 1st year Domain FREE
More details on 1and1
- 1st year Domain FREE
- 40% OFF
More details on GoDaddy
- 1st year Domain FREE
- 20% OFF for 3 year plan
More details on Dreamhost
- 1st year Domain FREE
More details on Bluehost






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