Try our Web Hosting Advisor Tool. Find Your Perfect Web Host [2019]

Try our Web Hosting Advisor Tool


Our Web hosting Advisor Tool will help you find the most suitable web host. Just answer a few hosting related questions and from your answers, the wizard can calculate which web hosting companies would work best for you.

How does the web hosting Advisor work?

Our Web Hosting Calculation will try to find you the most appropriate web hosting package from the following Q & As:

1/10 – What is the purpose of your Website
2/10 – Are you looking for a certain type of Hosting Plan?
3/10 – What is your current web hosting experience?
4/10 – What is your estimated number of Visitors?
5/10 – How much Webspace is required?
6/10 – Are you looking to use a specific Web publishing system?
7/10 – Which special offers would most interest you?
8/10 – Do you want to host one or multiple Web sites?
9/10 – What Location would you like your websites hosted at?
10/10 – What monthly price would like to spend?
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