Linux vs Windows Hosting. Web Hosting Linux vs Windows?

Web Hosting Linux vs Windows?

Key Points – Which operating system to pick with your Web Hosting Hosting?

  • Windows and Linux platforms are very similar in function.
  • Windows Web Hosting Packages costs more than Linux.
  • Most web hosting servers run on Linux server.
Most web hosting providers offer 2 types of web hosting: Linux & Windows hosting. Many new web users will be confused by the web hosting choice of offer either Linux or Windows OS Web Hosting.
First, let define the 2 Web Hosting Choices:

What is Linux Web Hosting?

Linux web hosting packages run the free popular Linux OS on the web hosting server. Roughy 70% of web hosting packages use the Linux OS. The user will typically see the cPanel account panel.
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What is Windows Web Hosting?

Windows Web hosting package run Microsoft Windows OS on the web hosting server. Windows web hosting is only used for specific Microsoft technologies like MSSQL. ASP.
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Linux vs Windows Hosting? Compare features in table:

Tools Linux Web Hosting Packages Windows Web Hosting Packages
WordPress or other Web apps    
Dreamweaver or other WYSIWYG apps    
PHP, MySQL, CGI, Python, or Perl    
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Linux vs Window in the Web Hosting Market

linux vs windows hosting

Linux is the more popular OS used by Web Hosts 2018

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Unless your website requires ASP scripts or MS SQL server, then go with a Linux Web Hosting Packages.
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